We made Warrington the greenest town in the North! Families, businesses, sport stars and shoppers pledged with local shopping centre Golden Square to reduce their central heating thermostat by one degree – saving 65,000 tonnes of carbon emission in just one month!

The town centre of Warrington was plunged into darkness at Earth Hour and then lights switched back on in green. Warrington was a-buzz with eco messages whilst the shopping centre introduced urban bees to its roof.  Eco workshops for kids, online pledges by residents, a promoted Facebook campaign, eco fashion shows, local sports personalities, bus transport and schools worked with the Energy Saving Trust to make their town a green haven.


  • Over 2,000 households joined the on-line pledge to reduce heating
  • BBC Radio Manchester and BBC Radio Merseyside live interviews
  • North West Tonight broadcast from the shopping centre roof
  • YOY sales up 5% against national decline
  • Reached over 3 million people


Won Best Community Relations Campaign

Purple Apple Sustainability Award Winner

A smile from the client...

This was a standout campaign that received national acclaim for the integration and implementation