Focus on Helping, not Selling

Why now is the perfect time to empower and #pivot your sales employees into social media champions, to help your customers navigate through the coronavirus chaos.

why it's important for employees to become social media champions

Sales people are self-motivated, driven and results-based individuals, thriving on conversions and stats. Lockdown isn’t suiting many of them – not at all!

That is why more and more companies are starting to mobilise sales teams on to social media as brand advocates to positively refocus their talents to match customers’ needs during the current Covid-19 situation.

A recent Hubspot survey ‘How Covid-19 is impacting on Sales & Marketing’ has revealed that people would rather hear from Marketing than Sales.

Makes sense to be honest, we’re all experiencing huge change and tumultuous times. Who is really in buying mode?!

Basically, engagement is up, screentime is up, and it is an opportunity to build relationships i.e. people are still looking to engage with companies, but your customers have more time and are more interested in learning and education right now.

“Focus on helping, not selling.”

So what does this mean for your sales staff?

Mobilise them whilst they’re working from home and turn them into social media advocates.

Empowering employees to share smart, quality content with their social networks—is still a relatively new concept. But it is set to be a major marketing trend, and the current coronavirus pandemic has resulted in this being fast forwarded by many companies.

Sophisticated organisations know that by making it easy for employees to share content they are extending their brand reach and engagement, and connecting more authentically with their audiences.

On average, employee networks have ten times more connections than a company has followers

Over the past few weeks, the social media content team here at dewinter has been training salesforces across the UK on how to shout louder and amplify their company messages across social media.

Authenticity is key and the training delivered emphasises this.

People are three times more likely to trust company information shared by an employee than that shared by the CEO.

More key reasons why sales staff should get more social during lockdown:


Customers Are Doing More Research Online than ever before

Data shows that during lockdown, chat volume has steadily increased and this is likely to continue growing. If your sales teams are active on social, they can aide response time and helpfully guide customers to making the right purchase decisions. Now may also be the right time to invest in chatbots.

Web Browsing is Up

More people, with more time on their hands to browse the internet, means more opportunities to be seen with relevant content that resonates with them

Educational Content Browsing is Up

Though sales are down, customers are still online, but are preferring to research and engage with educational content. You have a salesforce that knows their industry inside and out, use this to generate insights, guidance, whitepapers and recommendations to drive your traffic and awareness.

There is a Decrease in New Business

It’s time to refresh your sales pipeline and rethink how you prospect new business. If there’s less to win, it’s time to help generate a need, be even more helpful and outreach with useful insights and information.

We’ve put together a guide and a set of video tutorials for companies who want to train up a new army of Social Media Ambassadors. From perfecting profiles, to reviewing competitor activity and finding new customers through authentic conversations – helping employees ease in to their new online marketing roles with confidence and clear measurements for success.

If you would like a copy or discuss how best to mobilise your teams on social, please email