Make Social Media Worth your While in 2019

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Social media plays a huge part of any brand. If you’re a company in 2019, we can almost guarantee you’ll have some kind of social media presence. But how big is that presence? Is it thriving? Is it the best it possibly can be? Or is it just kind of there?

If you feel your social media profiles are in a bit of a rut, fear not! Here are some tips of ours to enhance your social media presence in 2019 and make your social profiles worth your while….

Make a strategy

Are you on social media simply because everyone else is on it? Do you have a purpose or goal for the posts you make? If you can’t really think of an answer, then it’s time you made a strategy! Set yourself, small, achievable goals that can be tracked on social posting dashboards (e.g. ensure DMs are answered within a certain time period) and establish your target audience (I’m afraid that’s not ‘everyone’). This way, you can work out your posting schedule, the type of content you want to publish and your style of ‘voice’ for your posts. These are such small changes, which will create such a huge effect.

Don’t be a robot

This is the age of transparency. When customers go out of their way to mention you in a tweet with a query or comment, they expect you to reply, and I mean YOU. Brands with a top-notch social media presence are the ones who crack jokes, create witty responses, and overall appear actually human! You wouldn’t want a robot replying to you with an automated response, so don’t do it to your customers! If you stay connected on a personal level to your followers and take the time to build relationships with them, it’s likely more will come flooding in.

Go visual

There’s a reason why Instagram has really taken off in the past year or two, and one big reason is because it’s purely based on images and videos. When the everyday person scrolls through their social feed, it’s not news to anyone that it’s the image that draws their eye to a post before any text. Accompany your posts with some visually appealing videos and images with some hashtags to match and see your posts get more shares and likes than ever before!

If your New Years Resolution for 2019 is to grow your social media presence, but all this seems a little daunting with your already full ‘to do’ list, don’t worry! This is where we can help! Tweet us or send us a DM to find out more!

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