Magic Moments in Lockdown

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With the latest lockdown now upon us, we will all be worrying at some point no doubt. We all worry. But it is a misuse of imagination.

If we can then redirect our creativity, we can do something more productive.

Find new ideas, solutions, and stop worrying so much.

We’ve designed up these #magicmoments to help our team and clients to stay focused and creative. We hope you find them useful.

It is important to realise that no amount of worrying or thinking about the future will take away our problems. Worrying simply makes us less able to deal with them when they come. So, how do we stay in the moment?

  1. Get creative. Your brain will find it harder to worry when you’re being creative
  2. Be aware of ‘future thinking
  3. Slow down and become aware of what you are doing. Use your senses
  4. Get active and use your body to help break the cycle of worry
  5. Recognise the power of choice in just watching thoughts, rather than engaging
  6. Make it micro – think about the next day or hour, rather than the next month or year.

We ❤️ them and hope you do too


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