What if Cinderella went 21st century?

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We all know the story of Cinderella. The classic tale of boy meets girl and with a hint of magic from a certain fairy godmother and glass slipper, live happily ever after. If you watch the Disney adaptations, you’ve also got some catchy tunes to accompany it and some eye candy in the form of Richard Madden. However, if we ditch the horse drawn carriages and long flowing frocks for some jeans and a hybrid car, what would we get?

dewinter storytellers have turned Cinderella into Tinderella to share the fairytale in our modern-day digital dating world!

Even dating apps didn’t work. 

Our Prince Charming has tried everything to try and find a girlfriend. For a good few months now he’s been swiping right on every girl he likes on Tinder, Bumble and Hinge but to no avail. He’s had a few dodgy dates and a couple of short relationships, but no one who he’s truly fallen head over heels for. His dad, being the king, clearly has the contacts and has been threatening for a while to hold a party in an attempt to find him ‘the one’. Reluctantly, the prince agrees to it, as long as he is made an admin on the Facebook event.

It even has its own hashtag! 

Tinderella has had a rough few months. Not only has she been left with her evil stepmother and two sisters, also a while ago she dropped her phone down the stairs, which smashed the screen beyond repair, halting all her Tinder swiping. Her only connection to the outside world is gone and seeing as her stepmother doesn’t let her get out much, she gets the feeling she won’t be getting her hands on a replacement anytime soon. Thankfully for her, one of her stepsisters spontaneously waltzes into the room clutching the newest IPhone and quickly discards her old one more or less as soon as the iCloud download completes. It’s only a 4S, but it’ll do. As she attempts to log off her stepsisters Facebook account, she glances upon the event page for the party of the year, complete with the hashtag #SweepPCOffHisFeet. Plus ones are allowed, so our Cindy is going to make sure she’s going, invited or not.

I haven’t got a stitch to wear 

The ‘going’ list has hit over 1000 and everyone wants to make an impression. Whilst Prince Charming gets given free Armani to wear (his DA is over 60 so brands flock to dress him!) and customised trainers (courtesy of the nikeID app), Tinderella has to go for a more DIY approach. You see, as this is set in modern day, she doesn’t have little mice living in her floorboards to help her mend her mother’s dress. She’s grabs some style hacks and ideas off Pinterest and watches a few tutorials on YouTube and Instagram, so she’s ready to give it a go. The final result is a mixed one, but decent for a first attempt!

Making an entrance

Tonight is the night! It seems the whole of Tinderella’s newsfeed on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram are of people showing off their red carpet looks. The event accompanying hashtag is now trending in the local area. Sadly, we all know what happens next. The stepsisters, egged on by their mother, destroy Tinderella’s homemade dress and Tinderella is left in tears as the other three depart for the ball. Last minute hashtag on Twitter #nodressfortheball results in her very own fairy godmother rocking up (personal stylist to the stars who wants to share on Insta her latest looks) . Tinders dons the latest Alexander McQueen look (complete with custom made Jimmy Choos), and with the help from the #nodressfortheball going viral a local chauffeur signs up to drive her in style. She shall go to the ball – As long as she’s back by midnight for his next job.

Right place, right time

She sets an alarm on her phone. She’s nervous, excited and everything in-between. She’s been stalking the prince online for a while now (particularly his Insta that isn’t private), and has liked quite a few of his posts over the years, but seeing as everyone else there will have their minds set on becoming his one true love tonight, she knows the chances of meeting him are slim. Our Tindy just wants to have a nice time, let her hair down, and take advantage of the free buffet. When she arrives, she slides in with another person, pretending to be their plus one, mission accomplished. She notices her stepsisters amongst the hoards of people surrounding who she can only assume to be Prince Charming, so instead heads towards the food table and helps herself to the wide selection of nibbles on offer tagging her friends and sharing her #foodporn pics. She was reaching in for her third mini quiche when she clapped eyes on the man himself. He was a lot better looking in person, #nofilterrequired! Blinking, having recognised him instantly, she stood in shock.

Having a boogie with the most eligible bachelor in town.

Her stunning outfit and sheer natural beauty took our Prince Charming aback. Where was she on all those dating apps? He would have swiped right on her for sure. He explains to Tindy that the man in the centre of the hoards of people is merely a decoy, so with a pair of spectacles and a slightly changed do; he could look around and mingle in peace. They get chatting and he asks her to dance, the DJ seemed decent and was already playing some banging tunes, so Tindy says yes and off they go. The dance floor is busy, but that doesn’t matter, for in those moments it feels like they are the only ones in the room, dancing, laughing, having fun and sensing the overwhelming chemistry between them. Cindy has no idea what time it is, and doesn’t really care, for she was taking too many selfies and wants these moments to last forever. Suddenly, to bring a downer on the mood, she feels her phone go off from inside her clutch bag, oh no, it’s the alarm, the alarm she wished would never come, the spell is broken, and Tinderella has to dash.


She runs down the steps where her Rolls Royce is waiting. Prince Charming chases after her, begging her to stay, for in just one evening, he’s fallen head over heels. Tinderella falls out of one of her Jimmy Choos, but in the rush of it all, doesn’t go back to collect it. The Prince watches as she drives away, clutching the shoe Tinderella once wore and starts kicking himself that, rather stupidly, he never asked her name. For now he could not even search for her Facebook account. The next morning (whilst nursing a hangover) he thinks and he thinks when suddenly, it comes to him. He gets on his phone and snaps a photo of the Jimmy Choo and starts the hashtag #FindThatGirl in the hope the message gets to our Cindy.

The power of social media

For some time, Tinderella is oblivious to the frantic search going on to find her. She is more gutted she didn’t take a single photo of herself full length, not even her shoes. She continues her day-to-day life keeping out of the way of her stepmother and sisters, who for days were convinced they’d won over Prince Charming. It isn’t until she glances at her phone whilst lying on her bed one evening and checks the ‘what’s trending worldwide’, that she notices the #FindThatGirl hashtag glaring right at her. She clicks on it, curiously, to see the story behind it before dropping her phone on her face in disbelief. It quickly becomes clear to her that SHE is the girl they’re trying to find, as the photo of her shoe is splattered across every post. In this version of the story, it is not necessary for every girl in town to try on the shoe for good measure; all Tinders has to do is message her Prince Charming and reveal herself to him. Only then will she get her happily ever after…

Meanwhile, our Prince Charming is getting a little bogged down. He’s getting swamped with hundreds of girls sliding into his DMs trying to convince him that they’re the one for him. All it takes is one look of their social media profiles for him to realise they’re not the girl he met that night. As his heart sinks once more, a new message suddenly appears in his inbox. Her name is Ella, and now, the rest is history…


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