How Wonderful Life Is Now You’re in the World… A Love Letter to Social Media

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Love is in the air! We thought we’d share who our Valentine is this year.

Here are some reasons why we LOVE social media…

You’ve Got the Love I Need to See Me Through

We are newshounds, living and breathing stories that engage, enthral and educate. Scrolling our social media feed is another news channel for our storytellers to read, review and connect with. Sometimes social media bombards us with negative news stories on politics, poverty and crime. However, the content with the most engagement is always those good news stories of courage, determination, love and community – the videos sharing random acts of kindness. Along with the side-splitting hilarious animal videos. Who could not love those?! It brightens our days by simply drowning out the bad news, with love.

I would walk 500 miles – but don’t need to now!

Gone are the days of having to take time zones into account when sending a message, gone are those skipped heart beats when glancing at your phone bill after making a phone call abroad. With the wonders of social media, you can send a message; make a call or do a group video chat at any time of day, however far away. It makes virtual communication more human, more realistic and makes those long distance relationships that little bit easier to maintain. Each message of love is signed, sealed and delivered within seconds.

The Power of Love

All brands are trying to make an impact. Their aim is to get people talking, discussing and thinking, ultimately to buy, click and visit. Social media and the power of influencers are now key to achieve this, with social media advertising now the fastest growing ad spend channel – no need for prime time TV advertising slots anymore!

Social Media, will you be our Valentine?

If you love social media as much as we do, but struggling to get your social pages off the ground, then look no further! We at dewinter are here to help. Tweet us or send us a DM to find out more!

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