5 Brand Community Building Trends to Look for in 2021.

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In 2021, working form home, restrictions and isolation has changed the way we work and interact probably forever.


During these tough times, people have become more aware of their own wellbeing and that of others and the wider community around them. A wonderful bonus from COVID!


The developing presence of Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) within business operations has grown exponentially and in light of this, we have shortlisted 5 key CSR trends to be on the lookout for the remainder of 2021.


1) Global Giving on the Rise: 


Corporate philanthropy is on the rise. Across the globe, more and more companies are contributing and investing in charities and non-profit community organisations, as stakeholders demand greater local investment. We expect to see more corporate generosity for the remainder of 2021.


2) Diversity & inclusion: 


The Black Lives Matter movement was at the forefront of all social issues in 2020, sparking the need for diversity and inclusion to be integrated within all societal institutions. In response to the injustices against those discriminated against due to their race, companies are committing their support in a number of ways. From pay equality to increased investment in women-owned business, companies are assisting in the inclusivity and success of those society has suppressed, and we love it. This trend has already accelerated significantly in 2021. As the demand for inclusion and equality develops further, expect more and more organisations to come on board and join the fight against institutional and societal discrimination.


3) Carbon Neutrality: 


Major progress has been made over the past few years in the reduction of carbon emissions and waste, with companies analysing how they can reduce their carbon footprint. Today, stakeholders are demanding the elimination of ALL greenhouse gasses, with the search for better, renewable energy sources well under way. Carbon neutrality (or ‘Carbon Zero’) is top of the list for all global organisations, with greater strides towards this goal expected to be achieved this year.

A great example is our fertiliser manufacturing client, CF Fertilisers, who is a vital “anchor” in project HyNet North West. HyNet North West aims to reduce carbon emissions from industry, domestic heat and transport and is a major contributor to the Government’s 2050 Net Zero carbon target. Read more here:



4) Small Business Support: 


This year, supporting small business has become a new philanthropic priority. The impact of Covid-19 on small businesses across the globe has been devastating. In support, organisations are seeking out how they can help support local businesses and their communities. In the UK, Google(https://www.campaignlive.co.uk/article/google-signs-anthony-joshua-sheridan-smith-support-local-high-streets/1698330) launched a huge marketing campaign geared towards the encouragement of the public to think and go local, highlighting the key role small businesses play within communities across the country and their overall societal function. With economies at record level decline, it’s likely that small business support is here to stay.


5) Virtual Community Engagement: 


Since the start of the Covid-19 pandemic, working from home has become the new normal for many. However, while operations may have shifted to virtual platforms, the need for community engagement remains consistent. Thus, the rise of virtual community engagement programmes and initiatives. Volunteering has historically In the US, the American Red Cross (https://www.redcross.org/volunteer/volunteer-role-finder.html) encouraged community services and developed virtual volunteer opportunities to retain a sense of connectedness with its wider communities. Most popular annual events and gatherings are already scheduled to take place online as companies determine virtual community engagement most appropriate for their business, in 2021 and beyond.


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