Twitter’s new, longer tweets have arrived

Blog by Rebecca McComb

YES!!!! The day has finally arrived, Twitter’s long-anticipated announcement that photos, videos, GIFs, polls and quoted tweets will no longer count towards the 140-character limit has actually come into effect.


After years of moans, groans, deleting & re-tweaking content in order for it to fit the 140 limit we now don’t have to sacrifice characters to express ourselves and we can pack more content into tweets **fist pump**

But this isn’t all; Twitter is also testing out some new changes to the way @replies function on the service…

While the feature is still rolling out to all users today, a small group might also notice that when replying to a tweet, the @name at the beginning will no longer affect the number of characters remaining. Hallelujah! If you’re tweeting through one of Twitter’s official apps, the usernames you are replying to will appear in the heading of your compose window instead of being embedded in the body of your Tweet.

We are super excited to see these changes come to Twitter at de Winter and would love to hear your thoughts on these updates! Will the changes affect how you use Twitter? Comment below or tweet us at @thinkdewinter.


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