Twitter Moments: 4 Simple Steps

Blog by Rebecca McComb

Have you heard? Twitter Moments is coming to us all. Finally, we’ll all be able to curate tweets we like into a mini digest to share with our followers, just like Twitter and a network of influencers have been doing since October 2015.

The feature is currently in the process of being rolled out to all users, so you may have to wait on the edge of your seat for a little longer and at present Moments can only be created on desktop, but reports say that it will soon be coming to mobile apps for on-the-go curation.
So how does it work?

1. Setting Up a Twitter Moment

First of all, you need to click the Moments tab on your profile page


This will take you to a new screen where you can start to build one by clicking the ‘Create new Moment’ button in the top right of the screen.


Then you pick the topic or occasion that will be the focus of your Moment , for example recent news that Kylie Minogue has put the breaks on tying the knot with her British fiancé until same-sex marriage becomes legal in Australia.


On the next screen you need to give your Moment a headline of up to 75 characters in length, a description that is no more than 250 characters in length and set a cover image, before you can select the tweets you want to include in your Moment.


So using posts about Kylie’s stance on same-sex marriage, let’s see how it will look (Image credit: Kylie Minogue Instagram)


2. Curating Your Tweets

The mechanic is simple, just select the tweets that will help you tell your story. You can select tweets either by browsing user accounts, searching for keywords, hashtags or links, or by browsing tweets you’ve previously favourited.

Once you’ve picked all the tweets you want to include – guidelines suggest no more than 10 as a limit – simply rearrange them to tell your story. Each tweet has a pair of arrows next to it that enables you to move it up or down the timeline.

3. Publishing Your Moment

But, hold on, before publishing…

At the top left of the screen there’s a button which simply says ‘more’. It offers useful options, such as adding a location, sharing the Moment privately or even marking that it has sensitive material. You can also choose a mobile theme colour for your Moment.


Once you have set all your preferences, just click ‘publish’ to set your Moment live to the Twitter world. Here’s de Winter’s ‘Minogue Moment’ as an example.



4. Editing Your Moment

Made a mistake? Don’t worry – you can continue to edit your Moment by adding or removing tweets as you please.

I found the whole process of curating and publishing my Moment was both enjoyable and easy. However myself – like the rest of the de Winter team are always on the go, so having Twitter Moments available on the mobile app will increase usability.

So, do you think Twitter Moments will catch on? How will you use them? We would love to know! Comment below or tweet us at @thinkdewinter.

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