The Power of Influencer Marketing

1 week ago | Kate
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Influencer-generated content in the healthcare space sees a 45% higher engagement rate than content from the brands themselves.

Why? Because influencers share authentic, relatable stories that resonate with their followers. When healthcare brands partner with these trusted voices, they can create impactful content that truly connects with audiences. 


Healthcare Brands Are Navigating the Social Media Boom 


The world of healthcare marketing is changing fast, and social media is at the forefront. A staggering 90% of 18-24-year-olds trust medical information they find on social media. Plus, one in three actively searches for health-related information on these platforms. This shows just how crucial social media has become for spreading health information. By meeting people where they are—on their social feeds—healthcare brands can forge strong connections and provide valuable content. 



Building Trust with Influencer Endorsements 


Trust is everything in healthcare. Research from Healthline Media reveals that 44% of people with health conditions value advice from health influencers. And among those, an overwhelming 98% find it valuable and 99% trust it. When influencers endorse healthcare products or services, their recommendations carry significant weight. This trust helps brands build credibility with consumers. Remember influencers can be end users, HCPs, clinical research teams and KOLs within the industry. 


4 Key Strategies for Healthcare Brands Using Influencer Marketing: 


  1. Choose Credible Influencers:

    Prioritise authenticity and credibility over follower numbers. Look for influencers who align with your brand values and have engaged audiences. 

  1. Stay Authentic:

    Authenticity builds trust. Encourage influencers to share personal stories and genuine testimonials that resonate with their followers. 

  1. Educate and Inform:

    Influencer collaborations can do more than promote products—they can educate people about important health topics. Influencers can inspire their followers to talk to doctors about treatments. 

  1. Use Multiple Platforms:

    Different platforms attract different audiences. Tailor your content to each one to maximise engagement. 


Ready to Dive In? 


As the healthcare industry evolves, influencer marketing will play a bigger role. By embracing this trend, healthcare brands can navigate the social media landscape and achieve great results. Ready to learn more? Team up with us here at team dewinter to explore the world of influencer marketing 


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