Storytelling Sisters: International Women’s Day Inspiration

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Storytelling is at the heart of everything we do at de Winter. We know that nothing evokes emotion or prompts action like a story well told – that’s how we make our clients famous.

So in honour of International Women’s Day, we decided to take a look at the storytelling sisters who inspire our team, through their words, pictures and actions (P.S. There may be a bit of a favourite!).

Happy International Women’s Day all!

Caitlin Laws, Senior Account Executive

Donna Tartt

“For me Donna Tartt is a truly inspirational writer. I love her book The Goldfinch. The detail in her writing creates vivid pictures that draw you into the worlds she creates. No matter how far-fetched the situations her characters find themselves in, you find yourself able to relate to them and gripped to the end.”


Kate Cox, Managing Director

 Maya Angelou

“Maya Angelou’s story of strength, power and hope illustrated to me at a very early age the power of determination. Her poetic description of Africa also inspired me to travel there in my teens. I Know why the Caged Bird Sings completely transfers me to another world through her beautiful words and visual vocabulary.


Sam Kavanagh, Digital Apprentice

J.K Rowling

“J.K Rowling is a woman who has built her own empire through her talent and the creativity and intelligence behind the Harry Potter stories is incredible. I’ve always been inspired by her originality and confidence in blurring the lines between the real world and the fantastical. It really is amazing.”


Helen Lightfoot, Account Manager

Harper Lee

“Harper Lee was a pioneering female writer, known all over the world. To Kill a Mockingbird is a masterpiece, educational and memorable all at the same time. After reading it I saw it performed on stage and that brought the story of prejudice and courage to life for me.”


Emily Kench, Retailer Liaison Executive

J.K Rowling

“I’m inspired by how J.K Rowling started from the very bottom and created her own empire based on the Harry Potter novels. I grew up with these stories and they have remained with me since childhood.”


Nikki Girvan, Head of News 

Frida Kahlo

“Although not a writer, the female storyteller who has inspired me the most is the Mexican artist Frida Kahlo. Not only does she have an incredible story filled with passion and overcoming adversity, her vivid paintings were also quite often autobiographical. She told her own story but used it to explore questions of identity, gender, class, and race in the society she lived in. What’s more her images – as well as her story – has endured through generations. Her image, portrayed in bright folk art style is as synonymous with female empowerment no as it was when she was alive.”


Rachel Toner, Senior Account Executive 

J.K Rowling

“The Harry Potter books inspired me to read, a hobby which in turn inspired me to choose to study English as a degree and eventually move into a career in PR. I love how she used her imagination and original vision to create the most magical stories which are now famous throughout the world.”

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