The BIG #dewinterBookSwap

Blog by Kate Cox

de Winter is on a crusade to save our books!

This summer we’re celebrating storytelling in one of it’s simplest forms.

Thousands of stories sit on our bookshelves unread and unloved, let’s share our favourite tales in a grand act of recycling by taking a beloved book, inserting a tribute to its greatness and leaving it in a public place to be found by someone new.

We have bought and shared hundreds of books to share with our clients and friends all over the country. We hope you enjoy and join in.

For centuries, stories have brought people closer; sharing news, igniting passions and finding like-minded people to engage with. Once you’ve read your book, you can rate it and share your review. Join in and simply share your views in the comments box below or on Twitter and Facebook #dewinterBookSwap

Then why not pass it on to someone else?

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