2018 Social Media Trends

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As we know, the world of social media is one that constantly changes and evolves and often these new trends, apps and features often appear quickly and unannounced meaning brands have to respond quickly and efficiently to remain relevant.

So as 2017 comes to a close we’re opening the door to 2018 and taking a look what can we expect from social media next year…


The decline of the influencer

According to world leading social media experts, Hootsuite, we have become accustomed to a landscape dictated by global bloggers, celebrities and reality stars and their recommendations for products, places to visit and even holiday destinations through paid collaboration with brands.

However, this is set to halt in 2018 as scepticism of paid advertising is at an all time high with consumers generally preferring peer-to-peer endorsements. Connecting to people promoting goods and services is more important to consumers than ever before and many actively seek people they relate to for recommendations before purchasing.

Social video

Social media channels are seen as an entertainment source for many consumers and with one in every three minutes on mobile devices spent on social media apps, it’s clear that social channels are leading the way in mobile amusement.

Therefore, brands and companies must begin to incorporate as much social video into their online comms as possible. Bear in mind however, creativity is key and with attention spans shortening, all messages must be conveyed within a 6 – 10 second window.

Evolution of social ROI

It is clear that there is value in growing and sustaining an online presence for brands, however, measuring the success of content must go beyond reach and engagement levels. But how can this be done effectively?

Going forward into 2018, brands must begin to evaluate their social media content within the context of the consumer journey as this gives real world value in terms of conversion rates, purchasing decisions and overall sales.

There is clearly lots of changing trends emerging for the new year which should begin to be incorporated into businesses online strategy, but where to begin? Well, that’s where we step in! Tweet us or even slide into our DMs to find out even more and start the new year with a BANG!

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