Elevating Convatec’s presence at EWMA 2024

Convatec, the global leader in advanced wound care products and technologies, engaged deWinter to amplify their presence at the European Wound Management Association (EWMA) conference.

Social media

What we did

Increase Brand Awareness: Enhance Convatec’s visibility among conference attendees and the broader healthcare community.

Engage Healthcare Professionals: Foster meaningful interactions with wound care specialists and decision-makers.

Showcase Innovation: Highlight Convatec’s latest products and technologies in advanced wound care.

Generate Leads: Drive interest and inquiries from potential clients and partners.

Pre-Event Buzz: 

  • Teaser Campaigns: Created a series of teaser posts across LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook to build anticipation. 
  • Influencer Partnerships: Collaborated with key opinion leaders in wound care to generate early interest and buzz. 

Live Event Coverage: 

  • Real-Time Updates: Provided live updates, including photos and videos from the conference floor, keynote sessions, and Convatec’s booth. 
  • Interactive Content: Hosted live Q&A sessions and polls to engage the online audience. 
  • Branded Hashtags: Leveraged hashtags like #EWMA2024 and #ConvatecAtEWMA to consolidate content and enhance discoverability. 

Post-Event Engagement: 

  • Recap Videos: Produced highlight reels and interviews with industry experts to extend the conversation post-event. 
  • Case Studies and Testimonials: Shared success stories and feedback from conference attendees who interacted with Convatec. 

our results

deWinter’s strategic social media marketing approach at the EWMA conference significantly amplified Convatec’s presence, engaged their target audience, and showcased their innovations in wound care. By leveraging a mix of pre-event teasers, live coverage, and post-event content, we successfully created a comprehensive and impactful campaign that exceeded Convatec’s objectives.

Convatec’s outstanding engagement at the EWMA conference underscores the effectiveness of a well-executed social media strategy in the healthcare industry, setting a new standard for future campaigns.

Convatec’s #forevercaring was the only competitor brand hashtag to appear in the top ten, alongside #EWMA, #woundcare, and #LegsMatter.


Convatec Wound emerged as the #1 top author on social media, surpassing even EWMA itself!


Achieved the #1 engagement rate against all competitors.


Hashtag Mentions of #EWMA2024 across social media platforms.


Increase in share of voice during the EWMA conference.

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