Searching on Twitter Has Just Got Easier – and a Little More Fun With Emoji Search

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How many times per day to you add an emoji to a post on social media or slide a couple into a text or Whatsapp? It’s no surprise then that emojis have become a popular way of communicating in 2017, especially on social media platforms.

Why use emoji’s?

Emojis add a deeper understanding of the context; helping to avoid awkward situations in which a message could be read or interpreted. Emojis have become popular on all social platforms, with Twitter leading the way.

It’s understandable that emojis are used most on Twitter, as Twitter has a 140 character limit and the ‘cartoon images/characters’ can help say a lot without using up characters & space in a tweet.

Twitter has encouraged emoji usage in the past by introducing the sponsored hashtag emoji and emoji targeting for ads. But now the platform has introduced Twitter Search purely by emoji’s .

Who can use this?

Users on both desktop and mobile will be able to use this function. A single emoji or a combination of emojis can be used in the search field and will give a return of all the tweets displaying the emoji.

The ability to search via emojis can help businesses target people who may be interested in their services. A person using an emoji related to their business could in fact be potential consumer – winner winner! Let’s talk through an example, the beer emoji – this could allow a brewery to see who is potentially talking about beer & who could be interested in their product. Especially if you add a geographical area or radius to the tweets then it can really hone in on a target market.

How are brands taking advantage of emojis?

To highlight how influential emojis on twitter has become for businesses, Domino’s Pizza allow customers to order a pizza just by simply tweeting the pizza icon to @Dominos or using #EasyOrder. The customer must have an Easy Order account with their preferred pizza choice noted and then they are ready for the pizza order at the tweet of an emoji.

If you’d like to discuss integrating Twitter emoji search into your communications strategy, why not contact us? You can also tweet your thoughts here, or comment below.

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