Life as an apprentice: it all starts with a brief

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This time a year ago, I was set to embark upon my journey as an apprentice. I was completely new to an office environment, I’d never worked a 9 to 5 before and certainly didn’t know too much about PR and Marketing. Fast forward; I’m no guru but I’ve absorbed a lot of knowledge, sent countless emails and I’ve gone through at least 4 notepads – it’s not all strictly digital you know! As it’s National Apprenticeship Week, it seems fitting for me to take you through a day in the life.

It’s 9am, and the three most important words you can say at this point are: fancy a brew? In our office, tea and coffee are sacred so there’s no hope if you can’t deliver a stellar tea round to kick off the busy working week – or at least offer them at hourly intervals.

In digital marketing, organisation is paramount, that’s why my week is planned and communicated with the team on a Monday morning. This allows us to see where pressures may lie and identify areas where I’ll have capacity to offer help and support. After that, it’s all stations go!

Luckily in my role, my tasks are often varied which always allows for new challenges and keeps each day fresh and exciting. For the first hour I can be updating general and event information on one of our client’s websites, the next, designing a competition image and then producing a blog – ironically. When a new job lands that’s fitting for me, we have a set process to ensure that it is carried out effectively and efficiently and it all starts with a brief.

Completing a task as an apprentice 101:

  1. Brief time. It’s essential that we communicate what exactly needs to happen so that the task can be completed to the highest standard.
  2. Take on the task (with a little help from my team at times).
  3. Approval. Once I’ve finished the job, I then send it to one of the senior members of the team and wait with baited breath as they check it over and suggest any amendments.
  4. Go time. It will then be actioned or get sent on to our lovely clients!

Over the past year, I’ve been able to get to grips with the daily procedures as well as acquiring a plethora of invaluable knowledge. Working with different people in our team, I’ve been able to absorb information and learn from different areas of their expertise in just a short time. Whether that’s been social media, design, content writing, admin or even reporting; each element has contributed towards helping me evolve in my career.

University isn’t for everybody and it’s often difficult to jump into a job when you’re lacking experience; that’s why I relished the opportunity of an apprenticeship. It’s a fantastic way to gain insight to the world of work and the support system that’s in place makes it feel less intimidating. It goes without saying that working alongside such a great team definitely helps too!

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