Instagram’s latest selfie steal

Blog by Emily Kench

In a recent blog post, Instagram announced their latest feature and, although exciting and leaving us with endless fun, it was one that we’re oh so familiar with already.

Face filters have landed on Instagram meaning that essentially, the visual platform can now do everything that Snapchat can. The eight new filters see us transform into cute koalas, bunnies or adorn butterfly crowns and wrinkle-smooth makeup.

“There’s a lot of exciting work being done around augmented reality,” an Instagram spokesperson said when asked about the app copying Snapchat’s face filters. “We’ve heard from our community that they want more creative ways to share everyday moments and engage with friends. With face filters, they have more tools than ever at their fingertips, and all in one place.”

But in a war of social media steals, we’re pleased to see Mark Zuckerberg enjoying the fun…

It’s laughable and good fun but also a careful reminder that Facebook and Instagram are always creeping up on social giants, Snapchat.

How do you feel about the latest Instagram feature and will you be using it to mix up your uploads?

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