Londoner in Liverpool – Chapter One – A New Beginning….

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Chapter One in the story of a born and bred Londoner moving to Liverpool to practice the art of great story telling while experiencing all the city has to offer


I’m a Londoner in Liverpool. I have now been working in this fair city for just over a month and I have to say I am impressed. But before I go on about that, let me give you some context on who I am, what this blog is about and why you should care.

I have lived and worked in and around London my whole life. Having worked in PR for over a decade, London has pretty much been the centre of universe, until now.

Four weeks ago, my wife and I and our two little boys moved ‘up north’. I was expecting a huge culture shock. Surely Liverpool can’t deliver on the culture, food (this is a big one as you will learn), entertainment and just general excitement that I am used to in London, can it?

So this blog is about exactly that. My perspective on what makes Liverpool tick. Why people feel so passionately about this city. Why more and more companies are looking to the northwest and Liverpool in particular as a place to get great ‘London’ service and products without the not so great London prices.

Sometimes it will be about my industry. Others it won’t.

Most of the time it will be about food, museums, cool news stories, some personal views of mine or just general musings on what it’s like spending my weeks right by the mighty Mersey (don’t worry I’m not going to break into song, yet!)

So what’s it like for me?

I have been so impressed. It’s a beautiful city. It reminds me of working in the centre of London with none of the exclusive attitude that our the capital often suffers from. Now please don’t get me wrong, London is an amazing place full of wonder, food and cool parties but in my humble opinion it’s overrated.

And that’s why I like Liverpool. There’s a real buzz about the city. It’s got everything you could want from a big city but none of the pretence.

And then there’s the business side of the city. I was lucky enough to be at the final of the Merseyside Innovation Awards recently and couldn’t believe some of the stuff going on in and around the city. Throw in the outstanding work my team does every day, the huge businesses we are surrounded by and the general feel of a city on the up and you can’t help but be inspired.

And that’s exactly how I feel….


So there it is, an introduction into the kind of things I will be talking about over the coming weeks, months and years.

Sometimes serious, sometimes not and always about Liverpool and my relationship with the city.

I hope you enjoyed. More to come soon.

Londoner In Liverpool (LIN)

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