140 characters? That’s so last week – literally!

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The long awaited and highly anticipated 280-character limit has arrived on Twitter this week and its safe to say that reactions are mixed.


Twitter is renowned for its short and snappy content and this change seems to mark a development in the social channels’ foundation to a more long form platform. There have been mixed feelings around the change, however it would seem that the general opinion is just not as positive as the creators of Twitter may have hoped.

Since the extension of the character limit, #280Characters has been trending. It would seem that general attitudes are ‘just give us an edit button!’ many have also commented that 280 characters is just ‘too many’ and that they’re no longer interested in the tweet by the end – not good for engagement!

Like all things however, there are always two sides to every story and Twitter’s latest feature has pleased as many people as it has disappointed. Many users – especially businesses – are rubbing their hands in glee as they think of new ways to self promote. Others have also welcomed the transition with open arms, seeing it as a great opportunity for some light hearted humour.

So, in the wider scheme of things, what does the 280-character limit actually mean for Twitter? Will we see more witty informative content, or just be met with ramblings that, quite frankly, aren’t worth our time?

In our eyes, Twitter was just not made for long form content, and we hope that the recent update isn’t a sign of things to come. Is 280 characters the start of the platform undergoing a full renovation in its format? We hope not. Twitter, we like you as you are!

What do you think?

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