The Blogger, the Vlogger and the rise of the YouTuber

Blog by Emily Kench

Go back 10 years and the words blogger, vlogger and YouTuber may have been airy sounds with no real meaning. It was unheard of that filming product reviews in your bedroom could be a full profession, could earn a celebrity status and a rumoured salary of £50,000 a MONTH (!!!) with 11 million people watching. If you’re top blogger, Zoe Sugg, this is her 9 – 5 office equivalent and day-to-day role. So, how does this modern day celebrity endorsement affect a consumer’s buying process?


Trust plays a large part in the buying process of a subscriber. As bloggers are often perceived as being highly reputable due to the amount of respect they receive within the blogging community, consumers often feel that they have a high level of trust with the blogger; this can often lead to consumers trusting the bloggers reviews and recommendations and finalising the product purchase decision.

Social Comparison Theory

Generally, consumers use opinions, behaviour and beliefs of the people around them to form their own beliefs and opinions. Therefore, when consumers become invested and interested in blogger’s recommendations, consumers form opinions on the products based on the recommendations of the bloggers and believe that they replicate the buyer’s own views.

Opinion Leaders

Bloggers can often be described as opinion leaders who can ultimately change the perceptions and influence the self-images of consumers. By being influenced by opinion leaders who are trusted and seen to have authority, many consumers will follow the opinions and recommendations of products because bloggers are seen to have highly reputable opinions.

With an incredible rise in popularity, how will you incorporate online influencers into your PR campaign?

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